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Plight of the Pringles Man -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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What about lies *****, what about things... [17 May 2007|08:14am]
...that you swore to be true? On April 17th, 2004 I came up with a list of goals for my life. This is that list. Let's examine what has changed about me. I have listed the goals and then my reaction to it.

-Be on Broadway-still a possibility, still a dream

-Win an Oscar-definitely still a possibility

-Play Velma Kelly and Sally Bowles on Broadway-I'd be glad with any role and you don't have to be a great singer for either one necessarily, but after working Cabaret, I've realized that Sally Bowles, not so much anymore

-Join a ballet company-I love dancing but I couldn't stand the competition and inevitable destruction of my self esteem due to body issues

-Choreograph for that ballet company-this I can deal with, I love choreographing things but most companies would be reluctant to do anything I create

-Have sex with a gay man-anyone interested?

-Turn a straight man gay-for some reason I had this revelation a while back that I had turned someone gay, but I can't remember who it was, therefor it doesn't count (and don't worry, it's no one you would know)

-Turn a gay man straight-the more I think about it, this is cruel-I'd much rather rephrase this goal to say "be so desireable that a gay man would consider going straight for me"

-Perfect fouettes-I'm good at them, not on pointe, want to do it just for fun

-Learn how to shoot-this would make me very happy, but considering my addiction to action flicks like Kill Bill and low tolerance for stupid people, I probably shouldn't have a gun-I WILL go to jail

-Reunite the Spice Girls-it will happen

-Be a voice on the Simpsons-there's still time, but I'm scared that the show is starting to lose its steam and once it's gone, it's gone

-Host SNL-as much as it sucks nowadays, it's still a career milestone to host it

-Host SNL and be a guest on the Simpsons in the same week-probably not going to happen but if it does, I shant complain

-Invent a cure for bruised toenails-there is one, it's settled

-Go to college-I'm going! I'm going to learn how to act!

-Have 3 kids-not anytime soon

-Marry someone splendid-considering my track record with people in general, I'm not destined to find love-I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'm going to be a crazy cat lady with one long strand of gray hair on a scooter

-Buy a house on the beach-if it's a cardboard box? yeah

-Leave the country-one of these days I'm going to Italy

-Get my lisence and a car-well hey, one actually came true

-Get a job-hey, there's another one

-Model the wings for Victoria's Secret (lol Kari)-I need to work out some more, but it still is my secret dream to be a Victoria's Secret model

-Meet Johnny Depp-well duh

-Go bungee jumping-I want to but for all the wrong reasons

-Go water skiing-I kinda did with Alex on the boat last summer

-Swim with dolphins-I have a feeling that this will happen during an impromptu trip to Florida one summer with my fellow theatre kids

-Make a zombie movie-it's going to happen

-Kill Martha Stewart-the list has grown, but she's still up there...

I needed something completely inane and stupid to keep my mind off of stupid shit. For what it's worth, I'm miserable and I have lost the one person I was depending on this summer. I honestly don't know what's going to happen with me. I'm scared.

But whatever.
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